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Teaching Philosophy

"I teach a student how to teach him or herself. Learning how to learn and how to practice is essential.

Drum lessons and home practice should be FUN, and I strive to make it that way. How? By teaching effective practice methods which lead to a real sense of accomplishment. By having students play with records, special drum chart packages, and my own customized MIDI tracks. By playing inspiring audio and video examples. By my own demonstration of ideas and exercises. And by giving lots of encouragement and support.

In addition to individual practice, learning to play with other musicians is essential and fun. This is why I spend time performing with students during their lessons using percussion instruments, piano, and synthesizers.

I always customize my program to suit the individual student's level, stylistic preferences, and goals. What works for one student may not work for another, so I'm flexible and creative in my approach.

My ultimate goal is to help students find their own voice, their own unique way of expressing themselves on the drums. I take my job seriously because I know that I'm helping to shape the professional musicians of the future." - Kevin Connelley

Kevin Connelley

Teaching Method

  • Teach students of all levels and ages interested in a multitude of styles from bebop to hip-hop.

  • Emphasize good technique, solid reading skills, broad stylistic knowledge and general musicianship.

  • Prepare students for high school and college-bound music students for admission and audition requirements.

  • Incorporate music theory and ear training.

  • Have fun.

Teaching Experience

  • Private Instructor, 1978-present.

  • The Percussion Shop, Head Drum Instructor, Evanston, IL, 1984-1995.

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